Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Find Unclaimed Money Fast

How to Find Unclaimed Money Fast

You may have unclaimed money waiting for you.

If you need to know how to find unclaimed money fast, look no further. There may be unclaimed money available right now with your name on it. Unclaimed money is money that was abandoned sometime in the past and then forgotten about by the owner, such as in an old bank account. Or possibly the owner never new of its existence because it was a gift from a family member.

RESEARCH - Search on free websites online for unclaimed money and unclaimed property. It is very easy to do and free. You will just put in your name and location and the free service will let you know if you have unclaimed money and the source. It is then up to you to follow through to collect the money.

This service only provides basic information. If you have a common name, the information may not be for you. You will have to research it further if money is found under your name and location.

You can also look up your friends and family members free to see if they have any unclaimed money. Check the files today because you or your family members may have a great deal of unclaimed money coming your way.

FILE PAPERWORK - File the appropriate paperwork to claim the unclaimed money. This process may be different depending on who is holding the money. It may be an insurance company, bank or government agency. Each will have their own process for claiming the money. If there is only a small amount of money, it may not be worth your time or effort to go through the process of claiming the money.

In any event you will need to prove who you are and that the money belongs to you. You will not be able to collect money that belongs to a family member. They will need to collect their own money.

Knowing how to find unclaimed money fast will give you a few extra dollars in your pocket.

RECEIVE A NOTICE - Receive a notice from an inheritance hunter. There are people that make their living by finding large amounts of unclaimed money or property and then requesting a fee for their work. They can be legitimate, if someone contacts you check them out and remember never to give anyone any money up front. If someone is asking you to pay them first, it is most likely not a legitimate deal.

Knowing how to find unclaimed money fast will help you pay your bills.

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