Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How To Save Money At the Grocery Store

Grocery stores do not normally encourage their customers to buy a hundred dollars worth of groceries for only ten dollars but it can be done. When you think about the amount of time you spend at the grocery store and the number of trips you take to the store, it is worth it to spend a little time trying to save money while you are there.

CLIP OR PRINT COUPONS - Traditional coupons are still available but it is amazing how many coupons you can simply print directly from your printer. Every time you find a product that has a coupon, find out if you can print more than one. If you can then print as many as you expect to buy in the next few months or the maximum allowed. Many products come with coupons attached for your next purchase.

ORGANIZE YOUR COUPONS - Keep your coupons organized. If you have your coupons organized and with you for each trip to the grocery store, the better the chance that you will use them.

IN STORE SALES - Many stores will have excellent sales without the use of a coupon. When an in store sale is just unbelievable, such as your favorite bread on sale for $2.00 when it is normally $4.00. I usually stock up and buy 10 or more (if allowed) and freeze them. Freezing works great for some items and not so well with others. I have found for instance that whole kiwi fruit cannot be frozen.

FOLLOW THE RULES - Many grocery stores will have rules about in store discounts and coupons. Find out what coupons can be used with in store discounts to maximize your savings.

BRING YOUR OWN BAGS - Bringing your own reusable bags not only saves the environment, saves you money but it also may make you money. If you initially invest .99 cents or less to purchase the bag, and then you receive a credit of .05 cents each time you use it, after 20 uses, you are actually making .05 cents for use. Woo hoo, I like that! The key to saving money at the grocery store is being prepared.

Find Free Food and Grocery Coupons Online

Taking the time to find sites that offer free grocery store coupons is well worth the effort. Once you have found legitimate web sites that have coupons that you want, you can go back to them again and again. Every time you use a coupon at the grocery store, it is like putting cash right into your pocket. When I look at a coupon, I visualize a dollar bill. To me it is the same as cash. Use them or lose. Many coupons expire, so watch out for expiration dates.

SEARCH ONLINE - I have put links to some grocery coupon web sites in the resources below, but this area is changing a lot, so I recommend that you occasionally type "free grocery store coupons" in your search engine to see if any new sites have become available.

TV ADS - Keep your ears open for television ads that are directing you to a web site to print a coupon. Many TV ads will show a picture of a coupon or just say to visit their website.

NEVER PAY FOR COUPONS - Coupons should always be free or they are not really a coupon. Watch out for scams, there are scams in every area of the internet so be careful. There are people that sell clipped coupons on ebay and this is legitimate if you want to pay someone else to do the work for you. I don't really think it is worth it.

KEEP THEM ORGANIZED - To save money at the grocery store, you need to have the coupons with you and organized so that you can find the ones that you need quickly. There are many organizers for coupons, they look like small recipe files. Print out as many as you are allowed to print out and that you think you will use. Make sure you note the expiration date. I usually file them in my organizer by expiration date (in each section) so that I use them efficiently.

How to Get Free Ice Cream Coupons Online

Before you leave for the store, make sure you check online to get a free discount coupon for your favorite ice cream. If it is your birthday you can do even better.

FREE BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM - Most large chain ice cream shops offer a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday. Check with your favorite ice cream retailer and sign up for your free cone. Most stores require you to sign up in advance for the free cone, they will then send you a coupon in the mail for you to take into the ice cream parlor.

- Before you leave for the grocery store, do not forget your extra cash in the form of coupons. I can always find a coupon for ice cream for one brand or another. I absolutely love to put cash in my pocket by whipping out my stack of coupons. Ice cream prices have increased recently, so make sure you don't forget to print out your coupons of your favorite brands. Websites such as has lists of printable coupons so you can easily scroll down the list to see what you are interested in.

LOCAL STORE AND NEWSPAPER COUPONS - My local stores will sometimes have specials on my favorite ice cream. Always check your ads before you go to the store. If you do not it is like paying extra for no reason.

- Always check your receipt to make sure you were charged correctly for your purchase. It seems like there is at least one mistake every trip to the market. Now you know how to get free ice cream discount coupons online.

How to Get Free Stuff At The Grocery Store

Have you been wondering how to get free stuff at the grocery store? It is easier than you think, but you must prepare ahead of time or diligently review your receipt as you are being rung up.

WRITE A LETTER TO THE MANUFACTURER - Write a letter to the manufacturer of a product that you are interested in. The letter can describe a good or a bad experience with the product or you can tell the makers how much you love their product. Either way, they will most likely send you a coupon for one of their items. This is worth it if you have a problem with their product. They have the opportunity to make things right with you.

CHECK YOUR RECEIPT - It is best to watch while your items are being rung up to see if you are overcharged for anything. If you were not paying attention then make sure that you check your receipt thoroughly before you leave the store. Most major grocery store chains will give you the item free if you were charged the wrong price for the item.

LOOK FOR COUPONS - Make a list of everything you plan to buy at the store and then check for coupons online and in the news paper before you go to the store. Sometimes they will have the ads near the front of the store so that you can check on any coupons that have recently been advertised. Grab one as you enter the store if you do already have one.

How to Keep Your Grocery Store Coupons Organized

Just like you have a place for you money in your wallet, you need to have a place for coupons because the are just as valuable as cash. If you have a lot of coupons you may need an organizer.

- You can actually purchase an organizer that is specifically made to organize coupons. You can also make one yourself by using an expandable envelope holder. You should keep you organizer in or near your purse or in your car. Don't forget to take it in the store with you.

SPECIFIC STORES - If you have coupons that must be used at a specified store, then you will need to keep those coupons in their own compartment labeled for that store. It is best to have them organized in date order with the ones expiring first in front. If your coupon expires you will be disappointed so watch your expiration dates.

ORGANIZE BY BRAND NAME - Keep your coupons organized by brand name. Label each section with the brand name and store the coupons in order by expiration date. This makes it easier when you are moving around the grocery store to quickly find the coupons that you need.

Get Free Grocery Store Meat Coupons Online

Meat is too expensive to purchase without a coupon.

Don't go to the grocery store without your coupons for meat. Meat, poultry and fish have become very pricey, a good coupon can bring them into a reasonable price range. There are many other places to find meat coupons.

GIVEAWAYS - Watch out for free meat giveaways in your area. Many times other companies will give meat away to promote their products. Look for free beef coupons with your new set of tires or oil change.

- Many times you can find a free meat coupon on foods that go with meat. Foods such as fine wine, potatoes or other foods will have a meat discount coupon attached. Sauces for fish, meat and poultry may also have a grocery store meat coupon attached.

ON THE PACKAGE - Don't forget to take the coupon off of your meat package for your next meat purchase. Place your coupons in your purse or coupon organizer so that you have them handy for your next trip to the store.

ONLINE - The best place to find coupons for meat, fish and chicken is online there are literally hundreds of places to get great meat coupons. There are websites such as:, and

How to Reduce Your Grocery Store Bill

Everyone needs to know how to reduce your grocery store bill. There is no sense in spending extra money if you do not absolute have to spend it.

CLEANING SUPPLIES - Cleaning supplies are very expensive at the grocery store. You may want to try to purchase these items at a club store such as Sam's Club, Winco Foods or Costco.
You can also make your own cleaning supplies. Vinegar is one of the best cleaners. A large bottle of vinegar is cheaper than most cleaners. It can be use to clean the kitchen, bathroom and as a fabric softener in the laundry.

PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS - Personal care products add unnecessary dollars to our grocery store bill. You can check the prices at your local drug store, more often than not they are much cheaper. If they do not have what you need, you can also check the prices at the club stores.

MEDICINES - Over the counter medicines are always really expensive at the grocery store. They know they can charge you more for your night time cold medicine because they are the only place open at 11 pm. Save money and reduce your bill at the grocery store by planning ahead and stocking up on your favorite over the counter medicines at a club store, discount store or local drug store.

CANDY and TREATS - The cost of a candy bar at the grocery store is at least 30% more than at the drug store or a discount store such as Target. Buy your candy at the drug store, discount store or club store to save money.

I do not recommend buying all of your groceries at a large club store. You may end up buying much more than you need or can even use. Even at the club stores you need to check the prices to see if they compare.

How to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Everyone needs to know how to save money grocery shopping. We all need to do it and a large part of monthly budgets go to food purchases.

PLAN AHEAD - Make out your meal plan for the week. Making a meal plan and following it will help you to save a lot of money grocery shopping. Plan bargain and healthy meals. For example, cans of tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta, (optional ground beef), salad and dressing makes a very healthy and inexpensive meal.

GROCERY LIST - Make your grocery list based on your meal plan and snacks. Making an accurate list can save you time and money at the grocery store.

DON'T BUY AT THE GROCERY STORE - There are things at the grocery store that you can find much cheaper other places such as discount stores, online stores or club stores. Things such as toiletries, cleaning products and dog food should not be purchased at the grocery store. You can save money grocery shopping if you make your purchases at the stores that are the least expensive for that item.

COUPONS - Clip and print coupons out before every shopping trip. You are bound to find a coupon for something that you are buying and it is like cash in your pocket. Use coupons to save money grocery shopping.

How To Get Free Grocery Store Produce Coupons Online

Clip and print all of the produce coupons you can find.

Don't forget to bring your grocery store produce coupons with you every time you go grocery shopping. Coupons are like cash in your pocket and they need to be treated as such. You would not forget your cash to pay for the groceries so do not forget your coupons.

REGISTER PRINTOUTS - One of the few places you can get free coupons that can be used for fresh produce is right at the register. Check the register printouts for fresh produce coupons or coupons that can be used for any food items at the store. It takes a lot of work to find free grocery store produce coupons, but you can find them if you look hard enough.

ONLINE - There are numerous grocery store coupon websites that you can use to print out produce coupons. Check out all of your favorite websites and take the time to print them out before you leave for the store.

ON THE PACKAGE - Many packaged produce products such as salads sometimes offer coupons stuck to the outside of the package. Don't forget to look for this extra savings and make sure that the check out clerk remembers to scan the coupon at check out.

- Check the newspaper and free in the mail ads for produce coupons before you head for the store.

DON'T BE PICKY - If you can find some free grocery store produce coupons don't be picky. Trying a new kind of vegetable or fruit may be good for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds are healthy so branch out a little.

MATCH IT WITH A SALE - If you really want to save money at the grocery store, match your produce coupons with sale items. You can find free grocery store produce coupons online and other places if you just take the time to look. It is like looking for cash.

How to Find Printable Grocery Store Coupons Online

You can print and clip money saving coupons right off of your own printer.

It is easier than ever to save money at the grocery store. You only need to find printable grocery store coupons online and send them to the printer. Spend a few minutes before each trip to the store searching a printing and put cash in your pocket. Make sure you keep track of the expiration dates and any requirements of using the coupons. It's like printing your own money. Coupons should be treated just like cash, don't leave them at home.

COUPON WEBSITES - Peruse a coupon website. There are numerous coupon websites that collect coupon information from a variety of manufacturers. Coupon websites have most of the coupons you need in one place. When you are looking for coupons it is the best place to start. You may find everything that you need at just one website. Coupon websites are definitely an excellent place to find printable grocery store coupons online. Beware of scams, make sure you are printing coupons to use at the grocery store with no strings attached or other purchases to make.

- Check out manufacturers that have products you need or want. Manufacturers, especially ones with a recent product will offer discounts on their websites. Coupons directly from manufacturers are usually the highest dollar amount of any coupons you will find. Usually they will allow you to print a coupon every time you purchase the product while the coupons are still available. You can find printable grocery store coupons online for excellent products that you use every day or want to use.

FREE OFFER WEBSITES - Look for free offer websites online. Free offers are even better than coupons. Why pay anything when you can get something for free. Sometimes free offers may require a purchase. Just be aware of scams that require you to sign up for a monthly offer for a fee. The item is not free if your credit card is being charged every month for an additional product or service. You want to find legitimate printable grocery store coupons online to save money now.

FOLLOW THE RULES - Each coupon may have its own rules about how it can be used and how many coupons you can print. Read all of the information available because you do not want any surprises at the grocery store. You need to find printable grocery store coupons online that you can actually use and not be suckered into buying something just because you have a coupon for it.

How to Get Free Grocery Store Chicken Coupons Online

Everyone should take the time to print coupons before going to the store.

Everyone needs to know how to get free grocery store chicken coupons online to save money. Having coupons is like having extra cash in your wallet. If you take the time to print out coupons before you go to the store, you will be so proud of yourself and you will make your wallet fatter.

CHICKEN PRODUCTS - Look on chicken related products for coupons for chicken. Products such as stuffing, boxed mashed potatoes, gravy, marinades and seasonings may have coupons attached for chicken.

BE DILIGENT - Sit down at your computer before each trip to the store or take the time to print out all your coupons once a week and save yourself time. Have your grocery store list in your hand when you are at the computer. Look up each item on your list. It will be worth your time. Keep them organized and always remember to take your coupons to the store with you. Once you get in to the habit, you will never forget again.

COUPON WEBSITES - Visit coupon websites that offer coupons on a variety of products. You can normally find some chicken coupons of some type. It may be frozen chicken, breaded chicken or pre-seasoned chicken, but it will be chicken. It is best if you can find coupons for fresh chicken, you can always freeze it if you need to.

MANUFACTURERS - Check out the manufacturers websites for your favorite brand of chicken. Tyson, Foster Farms and other manufacturers have many promotions and a variety of products. You can usually find chicken coupons on manufacturers websites. Do not forget to print your free grocery store chicken coupons online before going to the store.

How to Get Free Grocery Store Beef Coupons Online

Beef can be very expensive, do not go to the store without a coupon.

You have been wondering how to get free grocery store beef coupons online. Beef and beef products are very expensive, you may not want to purchase beef if you cannot save some money on it. Just spend a few minutes before your trip to the store to find and print your beef coupons and you will be happy to save money and put cash in your pocket. Beef coupons can also be found on packages and at the register.

GROCERY STORE PROMOTIONS - Watch out for grocery store promotions. You can save the most money on fresh beef with grocery store promotions. They will put coupons in your weekly mailers to bring you in to buy beef because they know that you will also buy all of the products to go with it such as marinades, vegetables and side dishes.

ONLINE - Print and clip coupons off of the internet. Numerous websites offer coupons for all sorts of products including beef. It is important that you check each time that you go to the grocery store because you never know what kind of coupons you will find. Coupons are like cash in your pocket. You hand them to the clerk and the amount is subtracted off of your bill. Take the time to save money on your groceries.

BEEF PRODUCERS WEBSITES - Check out the beef producers websites for your favorite beef or beef products before you head to the store. Manufacturers will post coupons on their websites for beef, beef jerky, salami, beef bullion and other beef products. You can get free grocery store beef coupons online.

PACKAGES - Look on the package for instant savings coupons while you are still at the store. These coupons usually have to be used at the time of purchase. If you do not notice it until you get home, just take it back to the store the next time you go and use it then. You can also find beef grocery store coupons on other beef related products such as barbeque sauce.

AT CHECK OUT - Review your cash register printout every time you go to the grocery store. You may find some awesome coupons for beef or beef products. Grocery stores and manufacturers will give out coupons to customers based on what they normally purchase. If you normally purchase beef and beef products you will most likely receive some beef or beef product coupons, either on the day of your purchase or on another trip to the grocery store.

Don't forget your coupons at home. If you need to, keep them in your card so that you always have them handy. You should also pay attention to the expiration dates because their is nothing more frustrating than an expired coupon, especially if it is for a product that you normally purchase.

You can easily find free grocery store beef coupons online and in several other locations before you head to the store.

How to Get Free Grocery Store Organic Food Coupons Online

You can find coupons for healthy food.

You can find grocery store organic food coupons for healthy foods. Many people believe that coupons are only for unhealthy foods. You can find coupons for healthy foods if you look. Of course you still need to look at the label because even if it is organic, it does not necessarily mean it is healthy.

HEALTH FOOD STORES - Pick up some coupons while you are at the health food store. Natural food stores are the best place to find coupons for organic foods and healthy foods. You may even be able to get a free sample or get a coupon for a free new organic item.

- Pick up a copy of your favorite health and nutrition magazine. They are normally packed with coupons for healthy and organic products. You can find plenty of grocery store organic food coupons in health magazines.

- Check for coupons directly on the healthy food that you already purchase. Many times there are coupons attached or part of the packaging. This is very common among organic products because they are always trying to promote their products or new organic products.

- Check online at the manufacturers website before you head to the store. The manufacturers usually have printable grocery store coupons online.

How to Get Free Canadian Grocery Store Coupons Online

Saving money in Canada is just as important as the rest of the world.

If you live in Canada or are just visiting you will want to know how to get free Canadian grocery store coupons online to save money. Spend a few minutes researching and printing coupons and save money at all of your favorite Canadian stores.

CANADIAN GROCERY STORE COUPON WEBSITES - Research Canadian coupons online to save money at the store. There are many grocery store coupon websites for Canadian shoppers. They normally have coupons for a wide variety of products so that you do not need to spend too much time looking around for coupons.

CANADIAN PRODUCT MANUFACTURERS - Check with the manufacturers of your favorite products to see if they have any printable coupons on their websites. Manufacturers are always trying to promote sales of their products by issuing coupons. You can easily find Canadian grocery store coupons online.

MAIL FLIERS - Check in your mail box before you head to the store just in case there are some coupon flyers in there. Of course you will need to be a Canadian resident to receive these coupon flyers.

IN STORE FLIERS - Check at the front of the store for a flyer with coupons. They are normally placed right by the front door of the store. There are usually some coupons that you may need waiting for you to pick them up.

ATTACHED TO PRODUCTS - Look for coupons at the grocery store while you are there. Remember that coupons are like cash so look for them every where you can.
You can easily find Canadian grocery store coupons and remember to take them to the store to save money.

How to Get Free Grocery Store Milk Coupons

Save money on milk every day.

Free grocery store milk coupons can be found in various locations. Coupons are easily found online, in flyers and directly from manufacturers. Never leave your coupons at home, even if you are going to a different store, sometimes you can use your coupons for one store at a competing store. The grocery store does not want to lose your business, so they will gladly accept their competitors coupons.

WRITE TO MANUFACTURERS - Take the time to write a note to the manufacturer of your favorite milk or dairy product. Manufacturers love to hear from their customers and they will reward the effort with a great coupon. The coupon may be for a free item or for a large discount amount. Your small investment of a postage stamp, may save you $4.00 at the grocery store.

MANUFACTURERS WEBSITES - Visit your favorite milk manufacturer or dairy website. You will find any possible promotions or coupons on the site. Remember to visit the site before each trip to the grocery store. You may find exactly what you are looking for.

MAIL FLYERS - Look through all of the flyers that have built up in your mail box before each trip to the grocery store. Even if the flyer is for Safeway and you are going to Albertsons, take it with you to the store. Grocery stores will accept their competitors coupons to keep you as a customer. It is always worth a try.

IN STORE ADS - Check the ads by the front door as you enter the grocery store. There may be coupons for your favorite milk or milk products. If your milk is not on sale, this may be the time for you to try an alternative.

TWO FOR $ MILK DISCOUNTS - Always buy the milk that is discounted if you by two gallons. Not all stores offer this discount, so do not buy your milk there. The two for discount is usually a large amount so do not miss out on this savings. Milk is too expensive for you to pass up a discount.

MILK ALTERNATIVES - Find even more milk coupons by trying a new product. More coupons can be found for newer items such as organic milk, soy milk, or rice milk.
You can find free grocery store milk coupons if you take the time to look.

How to Get Free Diaper Coupons

Find Luvs or your favorite diaper coupons online.

Knowing how to get free diaper coupons will save you hundreds of dollars while your child is in diapers. Diapers are so expensive and babies and toddlers go through many of them in a day. Save as much money as you can by collecting coupons before you head for the store.

CHECK THE PACKAGE - Many times I have found coupons for dollars off of diapers attached to the outside of the package. I know that having a new baby is a busy time, but when you slow down enough to see the outside of the diaper package, you may just notice a diaper coupon stuck on the front.

CHECK WITH THE MANUFACTURER - Go to the manufacturers website or call their toll free phone number to find out if they have some coupons available. You may be able to find printable coupons online for diapers.

SEARCH THE NEWSPAPER ADS - Always check the newspaper ads. There are always diaper coupons in the newspaper.

WATCH YOUR MAIL - Sign up with all of your favorite diaper manufacturers such as Luvs, Pampers and Huggies, to get free information and coupons in the mail. You will receive the best diaper coupons you have ever found right in your mail box.

DON'T GET STUCK IN A RUT - Do not always purchase your diapers at the same location. Sometimes, even after you have already thoroughly checked prices at every store, someone changes their pricing and diapers are automatically cheaper at another location. Do not get stuck in a rut by always purchasing your diapers at the same location.

FREE DIAPERS - Always purchase your diapers at a store that offers the item free if they over charge you for your purchase. On more than one occasion, I have received a large package of diapers free because the wrong price was rung up on the register and I received the item free.
Never buy diapers without a coupon, whenever you see a newspaper lying around, raid it for the diaper coupons.

How to Get Canadian Printable Coupons

Find Canadian printable coupons online.

Knowing how to get Canadian printable coupons will help you to save hundreds of dollars each year. What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket? It is definitely worth it to take the time to research coupons and print them out before your trip to the store.

CANADIAN MANUFACTURERS - Check with Canadian manufacturers to find printable coupons. You can also check with manufacturers in other countries, but if you do, you need to verify that the coupon can still be used in Canada. Most coupons for products in the United States of America can also be used in Canada, but to be safe you should still check. Many times you will be able to print your coupons directly off of the manufacturers website. Try contacting the manufacturers of all of your favorite products or if you have enough time, check with the manufacturers of everything on your grocery store list.

- Visit coupon websites that specialize in Canadian products. It will not do you any good to print out a lot of coupons that cannot be used in Canada, so once again, you need to check the fine print on the coupons to make sure that you can use it in Canada. Most of the time the United States printable coupons are equivalent to Canadian printable coupons.

- Look for promotional offers that give a coupon if you try another product. There are many places that will give you a coupon for a free or discounted product if you make a purchase of a specific product. You can print these coupons or discount certificates online.

NEWSPAPER COUPONS - Clip coupons from your local newspaper. Sunday is your best bet for your favorite products. Milk, meat and produce coupons can be found in your weekly newspaper.

How to Find Free Restaurant Coupons Online

You can find free coupons to use at your favorite restaurants.

Knowing how to find free restaurant coupons online will help you to save money. Restaurants have many more coupons available than most people know. Most of us do not think to find a coupon first when we are eating out unless we are getting a pizza. Check online and in the newspaper before heading out to your favorite restaurant.

REGISTER ONLINE - Register for your favorite restaurant online. You can register all of the members of your family. Register their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Each time a special day arrives you will receive free coupons in the mail. The coupons will give you substantial discounts on the things that you love. You will receive free meals, free desserts and other freebies just for registering.

You and your family will enjoy substantial discounts at your favorite restaurants using coupons that you received for free.

You will also be informed of any special events and parties that the restaurant may have which may include other free offers such as free wine tasting and sampling parties.

TELL A FRIEND - Take advantage of restaurants that offer rewards for referring friends. Sign up with your favorite restaurant. They will issue you discount coupon cards that you can give to your friends. Your friend will get a discount off of their food bill and you will receive a referral bonus. The bonus' include cash off of your meals, free meals, free desserts, free appetizers and more.

Ask at your favorite restaurant to see if they have a program that will benefit both you and your friend. Your friend will thank you and you will enjoy free food at your favorite restaurant. If your favorite restaurant does not have such a program, suggest it to them.

Knowing how to find free restaurant coupons online will help you to afford the restaurants that you love.

NEWSPAPERS - Check with your local newspaper to see if your favorite restaurant included any current coupons. You may be able to find coupons for free happy hour appetizers, free meals and free desserts for the best restaurants in town.

Check your mail box to see if your recent pack of flyers has any restaurant coupons. You do not want to leave these valuable coupons at home. Not only will they put cash in your pocket, but they will also allow you to live well.

If you need more information, please look here. Knowing how to find free restaurant coupons will keep you enjoying life.