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How to Use Coupons While Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping doesn't have to break your budget every week. Coupons are a little known secret that can literally cut your grocery bill in half or even less. You'll be able to go grocery shopping with confidence and still have a few dollars left over.

Find all the sales papers for the local stores you frequent. Circle the items that are on your list and the items that can be used later that are on sale. Sort and group these items on your grocery list according to matches. For instance, put all of the fruits and vegetables together, canned goods together, etc.

Cut out and match up any coupons that go with the sales. Pay special attention to the coupons for the items that are doubled by the grocery store.

Put the coupons in an organizer to make it easier to handle as you shop. Keep them sorted according to relevance and value.

Shop for all items that are double-coupon or special prices first. Since these tend to run out quicker, make this your first stop as you begin shopping.

Match the prices to the sales circular and to your coupon as you shop. Pay close attention to what amount each item should be. Note the amount next to your item on your grocery checklist.

Check the prices along with the cashier as your order is being tallied. Verify that each item's amount the amount you have on your list. If there are any discrepancies, bring it to the cashier's attention immediately to avoid any problems at the end of your order.

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How to Use Grocery Coupons Efficiently

Everyone knows coupons help save money at the grocery store. But, some coupons can be more harmful than helpful if they prompt you to spend more money than you normally would or if you end up buying things you don't need just because you have a coupon.

Purchase the smallest size of a product when using a coupon. If you have a coupon for $1 off, and the small size of a product costs $2 and the larger size costs $3.50, then buy the smaller size. You will only spend $1 total instead of $2.50. Buy the larger sizes when you do not have a coupon to take advantage of the lower per-unit cost. Remember, the goal of coupons is to lower your overall grocery cost, not to raise it.

Use coupons to buy items that you normally use. If you are already planning to buy a specific item, a coupon is the icing on the cake. If coupons make you purchase items, which you do not normally buy, are you really saving money? The exception is if the coupon truly is an exceptional value or the product is on sale.

Bring coupons for a variety of brands of the same product. Say you need dish washing detergent, and you are not particular about which brand you buy. Bring several coupons for different brands of soap, and use the coupon for the soap that ends up being the best buy. Flexibility about brand loyalty will help save money at the grocery store.

Shop at stores that offer double or triple coupons. There is no sense in using a 40-cent coupon at a store that does not offer double coupons when you could have gotten 80 cents off elsewhere. An exception to this rule-if you find a grocery store which does not offer double coupons, but it is so cheap in general that the overall price of a product is still cheaper when using a "regular" coupon, then switch to this grocery store!

Take all your coupons with you to the grocery store organized in an accordion file by product type. Even if you are not planning to buy toilet paper, the store may be having a phenomenal sale on TP, and you may want to buy a package. The deal is made even sweeter if you also have a coupon on hand for the sale item.

Consider the value of a coupon. If a coupon demands you buy a large quantity of an item, divide the amount of the coupon by the number of items to get the per-item discount. Then ask yourself if this a good deal. If you buy four boxes of cereal to get $1 off, you are only saving 25 cents per box for four boxes of cereal that you may not even need.

Consider generic products. Often they are cheaper than name-brand products, even with a coupon. This author finds generic flour, sugar, foil, sandwich bags, over-the-counter medicines, milk, cheese, canned veggies and rice to be just as good as their name-brand counterparts. Do not let a coupon lure you into buying a more expensive brand name if an equally quality generic brand would suffice.

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How to Find Diaper Coupons Online

A new baby can be expensive. But fortunately, there's some very easy ways to save money on diapers without switching to cloth diapers. Diaper coupons, when used on a regular basis, can help new parents save money on diapers in a big way. But where do you find diaper coupons and good deals on diapers? The internet, of course! Keep reading to find out where to find printable coupons for diapers and how to find coupons for diapers on manufacturers' websites.

FIND A STORE THAT ACCEPTS PRINTED COUPONS FROM THE INTERNET. Not all stores accept printable coupons for diapers and other products as a result of fraud incidents involving printed coupons. So before you go to the trouble of finding diaper coupons online and printing out coupons from the web, you'll want to call or visit local stores to find out if they accept printed coupons.

SAVE MONEY ON DIAPERS BY VISITING THE MANUFACTURER'S WEBSITE FOR COUPONS. Find diaper coupons online by visiting the website for your favorite diaper brand. Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and other diaper brands have their own website where parents can find diaper coupons that are good at virtually all stores that sell that particular diaper brand.

PRINT COUPONS FROM THE INTERNET. Once you find a diaper coupon online at the diaper manufacturer's website, print the coupon and place it in your coupon organizer or purse for use on your next shopping trip.

FOR ONLINE SHOPPERS, USE AN ONLINE COUPON CODE FOR DIAPERS. offers great prices and savings on diapers. Parents can save money on diapers by purchasing diapers online and using online coupon codes for brands like Pampers and Huggies, among others.

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How to Save Money with Coupons

Clipping coupons can trim your grocery bills if you have the time, discipline and patience. Keep track of the money you save, then reward yourself every now and then. You deserve it!

Set up an easy-to-use system to organize your coupons. Keep it near your car keys as a handy reminder before you go shopping.

Scour newspapers, magazines, coupon mailers, food packaging, grocery store receipts and the Internet for coupons.

Clip coupons only for products you'd buy anyhow. Don't let irresistible savings dupe you into buying items you don't need.

Know prices. Brand-name products with coupons often cost more than generics without coupons.

Look for hidden costs. A $3 pizza coupon may not seem as good a deal after you figure in the tip for the delivery guy.

Find out if your grocery store will match manufacturers' coupons to double your savings. Many stores will.

Look to layer savings. If a store is offering a coupon on an item and you also have a manufacturer's coupon, use both.

Join grocery store savings clubs and use manufacturers' coupons on club sale items.

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How to Find Printable Manufacturers' Grocery Coupons

Printable manufacturers' grocery coupons can be found right from the source. Many product websites offer promotional coupons or free samples of their products. These printable manufacturers' grocery coupons range from food and drink to personal care products.

General Mills brands:
Total Cereal has a promotion comparing its health benefits to those of its competitors. In this promotion, anyone who visits their website and examines the comparative nutrition facts can get a free sample of Total. They also advertise sending printable manufacturer's grocery coupons to those who sign up for their "Eat Better America" email club. Also in the General Mills company, the websites for Cheerios cereal, Progresso soup, and Green Giant vegetables offer printable manufacturers' grocery coupons for product discounts. The Betty Crocker website also has a selection of printable grocery coupons for some of its products as well as other coupons from its product family.

Other food brands:
Pillsbury has a section of its website dedicated to printable manufacturer's grocery coupons and special offers for various products. Healthy Choice has a coupon for a discount on its frozen meals. Parents will find Gerber to be an abundant source of coupons after signing up for their email newsletter. Many product websites offer coupons or special offers at various times, so check the websites for your favorite grocery items before shopping.

Jell-O regularly offers coupons on its gelatin and pudding products. The website for Blue Bunny ice cream has a dollar off printable manufacturer's grocery coupon; Edy's ice cream also occasionally includes printable coupons in its email newsletter. Yoplait often provides coupons and free samples on its website.

Personal care manufacturers:
Printable manufacturers' grocery coupons can be found for Charmin and Scott brand paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper on the companies' websites. Both Crest and Colgate toothpaste offer printable manufacturers' grocery coupons on their websites. Degree offers a printable grocery coupon for two dollars off one of its makes of deodorant. A dollar-off coupon is available on the website for Pert Plus shampoo and conditioner. Earlier this year, the Suave website offered a grocery coupon for a free bottle of shampoo. Check the websites of your brands to save money on your grocery bill.

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How to Get Free Food with Coupons at Walmart

Can you buy $24.90 of items for $0.76 using coupons? I did that very thing just last week. Okay, that's not exactly free but it's about as cheap as they come! And the best thing is these kinds of deals are not an anomaly. I regularly buy over $100 of groceries for less than $10. I get terrific deals with coupons and save scads and scads of money. Want to know how you can do it at Walmart?

Collect coupons. No way around it. Coupons are your ticket for free food. The best source for them is the newspaper coupon inserts. Collect these from friends and others in your community, from recycle bins and hotel lobbies. Use your computer to print them off the internet. Get them any way you can, the more the better. You want multiple copies of the same coupon. You can also email companies and request coupons. And you can buy them for pennies as well. Keep them all well-organized in a way that makes sense to you. And keep them until they expire. They can be left uncut until you need them. Be sure that you understand the terms used.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the internet coupon groups such as HotCouponWorld (my favorite), AFullCup and SlickDeals. Check into their Walmart forums every few days to see what good deals others have found. Also, since Walmart will match any advertised sale price in other local stores. keep your eye on sales at in the other forums for your local stores.

Good deals come in three varieties at Walmart. The first good deal comes in the form of a Walmart's "Everyday Low Price" variety. Walmart does actually have low prices on a great many things. Some high value coupons cover the entire purchase price of some regularly priced items at Walmart. Kraft Live Active Cereal, Johnson's Buddies bar soap, KY Jelly, Zone Nutrition Bars, Kotex Pantiliners, Frito-Lay chips single serve bags, Zantac Maximum Strength have all been free or less than $0.05ea with coupon in the last three months. These are the easiest kind of good deal to take advantage of because the price of the item is constant. All you have to do is make sure you can get into Walmart to redeem it before it expires (and hope they have it in stock).

Secondly, Walmart sometimes does "price rollbacks" - Walmart's term for a sale. At which stores these rollbacks occur and how long they last vary widely. So the price always bears checking before buying. Don't assume that just because you read that they're on sale in one store that they will be the same price at another.

Thirdly, Walmart matches the advertised sale prices of other local stores. If Dove Shampoo is advertised as $1.99 at your local drugstore, you can bring that ad into Walmart and get that same price for the shampoo provided it is exactly the same brand and size.

Once you have found a potential great deal, gather your coupons and zoom on over to Walmart. Coupons are considered a form of payment so simply hand them over when it is time to pay.

When there is a good deal, that's the time to stock up! Get enough for at least several months time. If your pantry won't hold it all, store it in a box under your bed or behind the couch or in the basement. Be creative!

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How to Get Free Diaper Coupons

Knowing how to get free diaper coupons will save you hundreds of dollars while your child is in diapers. Diapers are so expensive and babies and toddlers go through many of them in a day. Save as much money as you can by collecting coupons before you head for the store.

CHECK THE PACKAGE - Look on the outside of the diaper package. Many times I have found coupons for dollars off of diapers attached to the outside of the package. I know that having a new baby is a busy time, but when you slow down enough to see the outside of the diaper package, you may just notice a diaper coupon stuck on the front.

CHECK WITH THE MANUFACTURER - Go to the manufacturers website or call their toll free phone number to find out if they have some coupons available. You may be able to find printable coupons online for diapers.

SEARCH THE NEWSPAPER ADS - Always check the newspaper ads. There are always diaper coupons in the newspaper.

WATCH YOUR MAIL - Sign up with all of your favorite diaper manufacturers such as Luvs, Pampers and Huggies, to get free information and coupons in the mail. You will receive the best diaper coupons you have ever found right in your mail box.

DON'T GET STUCK IN A RUT - Do not always purchase your diapers at the same location. Sometimes, even after you have already thoroughly checked prices at every store, someone changes their pricing and diapers are automatically cheaper at another location. Do not get stuck in a rut by always purchasing your diapers at the same location.

FREE DIAPERS - Always purchase your diapers at a store that offers the item free if they over charge you for your purchase. On more than one occasion, I have received a large package of diapers free because the wrong price was rung up on the register and I received the item free.

Never buy diapers without a coupon, whenever you see a newspaper lying around, raid it for the diaper coupons.

How to Get Canadian Printable Coupons

Knowing how to get Canadian printable coupons will help you to save hundreds of dollars each year. What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket? It is definitely worth it to take the time to research coupons and print them out before your trip to the store.

CANADIAN MANUFACTURERS - Check with Canadian manufacturers to find printable coupons. You can also check with manufacturers in other countries, but if you do, you need to verify that the coupon can still be used in Canada. Most coupons for products in the United States of America can also be used in Canada, but to be safe you should still check. Many times you will be able to print your coupons directly off of the manufacturers website. Try contacting the manufacturers of all of your favorite products or if you have enough time, check with the manufacturers of everything on your grocery store list.

COUPON WEBSITES - Visit coupon websites that specialize in Canadian products. It will not do you any good to print out a lot of coupons that cannot be used in Canada, so once again, you need to check the fine print on the coupons to make sure that you can use it in Canada. Most of the time the United States printable coupons are equivalent to Canadian printable coupons.

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - Look for promotional offers that give a coupon if you try another product. There are many places that will give you a coupon for a free or discounted product if you make a purchase of a specific product. Read all of the rules and instructions completely because you do not want to make a mistake and not get your free promotional item. Read carefully and follow each step. You can print these coupons or discount certificates online.

NEWSPAPER COUPONS - Clip coupons from your local newspaper. Sunday is your best bet for your favorite products. Milk, meat and produce coupons can be found in your weekly newspaper.

FREE FLYERS - Review the free flyers that come in the mail and the ones located at the front of the supermarket. You can find additional coupons in these places. This is also the location where you may find double coupons.

I have never had a problem finding Canadian printable coupons just the same as finding printable coupons in the United States, luckily many coupons can be used in both countries.

How to Find Cheap Tickets

Knowing how to find cheap tickets will help you to go on more vacations this year. Traveling is fun and relaxing. It is your time to leave your stress and worry behind and enjoy your family and the natural beauty of the earth. Don't allow money issues to keep you from taking a vacation, just spend less.

DESTINATIONS - Let the airline choose your destinations. Research the best travel deals on all of your favorite airlines. If they are offering dirt cheap tickets to Paris, then by all means go to France. Most likely if the airlines are offering cheap tickets, you will also be able to find low cost hotels and other discount excursions. The discount destinations that the airlines offer are usually much cheaper than any other destination. Don't miss out on these incredible prices. You will see parts of the world that you may have not scheduled on your own.

ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES - Research vacation package deals. Package deals that include air fare, hotel and car rental are usually much more affordable. There are even some packages that include all of your food and beverages and some of your entertainment from companies such as Club Med and Sandals. Knowing what all of your expenses will be upfront can save you a lot of money and prove that you can afford a vacation. Food, drinks and activities can be very expensive, it is very nice to have these costs included in your vacation plan.

LAST MINUTE DEAL - Search for cheap tickets at the last minute. If you book within seven days of your travel date you may be able to find excellent deals. You can search for flights for your favorite destination or you can go with the destination that is cheapest at the airline.

Traveling cheap is all about searching ahead of time and being flexible on your dates of travel. If you have rigid dates it is much more difficult to find cheap tickets. The more flexible you are, the more destinations you will be able visit and the more vacations you will be able to afford. Eventually you will end up at your favorite destinations.

The next time that you want to book a vacation, save money by researching the cheap tickets first. If you need hotel information, see the "Resource" section below. Knowing how to find cheap tickets will save you money on your vacation.

How to Get Cheap Internet

Have you been wondering how to get cheap internet service? Everyone is trying to tighten their belts these days and who wants to pay more for internet service than they need to. If you cannot afford internet service, you can actually get free internet service at your home for a limited number of hours per week.

FREE INTERNET - Try free internet if you really cannot afford to pay for internet service or if you are just plain tired of paying for it. There are companies that offer free dial up service that you can use at home. You do need to connect to the internet to set the service up, but you can do so at the library or a friends house. They will either mail you the software that you need or you can download it. It is dial up service, so it is the slowest service available. If you are in an area with poor phone lines, it may be difficult for you to use this free service. There is usually a limit on the number of hours that you can use this free internet service per month. It is about 10-20 hours per month. Free is free, it is worth a try.

LOW COST INTERNET - If you need more than 10-20 hours per month, but you still do not want to pay very much for internet service, you can go for the cheapest internet service which is dial up. You can get dial up for as little as $4.99 per month which is more than it is worth. Dial up is very slow.

If you need something higher quality than dial up, you can try contacting your cable television or telephone provider to see if they offer a low cost internet service option. You may be able to add on a higher grade internet service for a low price.

REMOTE ACCESS - Use satellite or mobile internet service if you live in a rural area or if you travel while using your internet connection. Mobile phone internet access tends to be cheaper and more affordable than satellite and it is portable. There is almost no place in the world that you cannot get internet access.

For more information on cheap internet service, look in the Resources section below. You can get cheap internet or even free internet if you want.

How to Get Car Rental Deals

Knowing how to get car rental deals can save you a lot of money on your next vacation. Car rental companies will not just hand you a discount unless you plan ahead and ask for one or if you go through a discount program to rent your car.

CAR CLUB DISCOUNTS - Always ask for a discount if you are a car club member. Car club memberships usually will get you at least a ten percent discount on a car rental. If you arrange the rental through your car club, you may be able to save even more money.

COMPARE PRICES - Check out the type of car that you want to rent. It helps if you familiarize yourself with the different types of cars available to rent so that you are comparing apples to apples when you check prices. Once you have an idea on what the going rate for the type of vehicle that you want to rent is, you can then try to get a better price. When you are looking at comparing prices of car rentals, make sure you look at the bottom line. Always go by the total and not the price per day or week.

BID DOWN THE PRICE - Visit websites that allow you to bid down the price on your car rental. You can at least give it a try and not accept the offer if it is not low enough.

DISCOUNT CAR RENTALS - Use a discount agency to rent your vehicle. The cars are the same at a discount company as they are at a nationwide expensive car rental agency.

You can get car rental deals if you try.

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How to Get Coupons For Target

The retail store, Target, has great prices to start with, but everyone wants to save as much as possible so pick up a few coupons before you head out to Target this weekend.


Pick up a Target coupon book from your local Target store or look in your mailbox to see if you received one in the mail. Target occasionally sends out coupon books with great savings on products that you buy.

Most of the coupons have expiration dates, so be careful that you use them before they expire. There is nothing more disappointing than having a great coupon for an item that you really want to buy just to find that it has already expired.


Visit the Target website on occasion to see if there are coupons that you can print out to take to the store with you.

The Target website also has great discounts and deals for the products that you buy online. You can find all of the things that you need from Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel, Children's, Teens, Toys, Housewares, Books, Electronics, and more.


visit a coupon website that has the products that you want to buy from Target. Many of the grocery store websites will have printable coupons that you can use at Target for items such as milk, bread, cereal and baby food.


Visit the product manufacturer website that has the item that you want to purchase at Target. You may be able to find a coupon for the product that you want to buy and then you can buy it at Target, Kmart, Walmart or Sam's club.

How to Survive This Economic Depression

Knowing how to survive this economic depression can keep your family afloat. It does not matter if the economists label it a recession or a depression or something else, this is a tough time for the pocketbook of most Americans. Tightening up your wallet and making smart decisions will get you through these tough times. For many Americans it feels like the Great Depression is repeating itself right now. Take your financial future into your own hands and protect the future of your family.

WATCH YOUR CART - Watch what you put in your cart when you are shopping. Do you really need it? Learn to recognize when you are purchasing things that are not necessary and wasting your money. Most likely you are purchasing items that you do not need and you will not even notice it when you do not purchase them. You can survive this economic depression if you watch your money closely. This economic crises will eventually pass, but you want to make sure that your family is taken care of right now.

ELIMINATE FAST FOOD - Avoid spending money on fast food. Fast food is bad for your pocketbook and your health. Every time you pass by fast food to eat at home or to go to the grocery store, put $5 dollars in your piggy bank. Not only will you protect your health and the health of your children, but you will save some money in the mean time.

What makes the difference between economic depression survival and catastrophe? The answer is knowing when to cut out unnecessary expenses.

CANCEL UNNECESSARY SUBSCRIPTIONS - Save money by canceling magazine subscriptions, television channels and other monthly expenditures that are not needed. You do not have to give up your favorites, but just the ones that you can do without. Also beware of adding any new unnecessary monthly expenses. Watch out for others that are trying to make money off of you.

ENJOY LIFE - Enjoy life naturally. Save money by enjoying nature. Go hiking, climb a tall mountain, go bird watching, walk by the shore, go shell collecting, draw insects and other activities in nature that are free. Spend time with your children. Read to them, draw with them, teach them about nature. Learn a new language together. It will stimulate your brain and make you a more valuable member of society.

Don't allow inflation to get you down. Enjoy life by spending less money and spending more time with the people that love you.

LEARN TO INVEST - Study investing strategies. There are many companies that will teach you investment strategies for free. Ask friends or relatives that are successful investors to help you get started. Start small and always be frugal. This is an excellent time to begin investing for those that know what they are doing. Take the time to learn so that you can invest wisely.

You can survive this economic depression if you cut out the excess that you won't miss anyway.

How to Get Cheap Long Distance Phone Service

You can find cheap long distance phone service in a variety of sources. Home telephone service, cell phone service and over the internet providers offer free, and low cost internet service. Sometimes the cheapest phone service is the one you would least expect, such as cell phone service.

HOME PHONE SERVICE - Contact your regular home phone service provider so that you can compare prices. Find out if you there is a higher monthly service fee if you need long distance. Also find out what the rates are for the long distance locations that you place calls to. Many times you may find that the most expensive long distance phone service is from your home phone service provider.

If you add up the costs of the monthly fees plus the per telephone call fees you are looking at a high monthly bill regardless of the number of long distance calls that you make.

CELL PHONE SERVICE - Next research the long distance rates for your cell phone. Many times this is an excellent deal because their is just a low monthly rate and no additional charges per call for long distance calls. Make sure you find out all of the details to make sure that it is the best deal for the locations that you are phoning.

Also ask about roaming charges. Make sure that you can make long distance calls even if you are out of your normal service area. You do not want to go on vacation and come home to a large phone bill. Ask ahead of time and save yourself a lot of grief.

You can find cheap long distance phone service if you spend the time to look around.

INTERNET PHONE SERVICE - Check the rates with an internet phone service provider. There are some internet phone service providers that offer free long distance. You only pay a flat rate per year and it includes all local and long distance calls. There is no additional monthly fee or per call fee. Free is the cheapest cheap that I can find. Save yourself a lot of money by using an over the internet phone service provider. Ask them if the quality will be the same as a regular phone line.

You can get cheap or even free long distance phone service.

How to Get Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

Printable coupons can be found in many different locations on the web.

Knowing how to get free manufacturer coupons online will save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year. Manufacturer coupons usually have a higher value than regular coupons that you clip out of the newspaper or that you may find in free coupon packs. Sometimes you can even find coupons for free items or free trial sizes from the manufacturer.

MANUFACTURERS WEBSITES - Visit manufacturers websites to print out coupons. Have you noticed that the manufacturer of your favorite grocery item has a television commercial that mentions a coupon? Manufacturers will sometimes advertise their coupons and then direct you to the internet to print out the coupon. Always check with the manufacturers website for your favorite grocery products. Sometimes the coupon will be for a free item and other times the coupon may be for a free trial size. Either way, manufacturer's coupons are the best kind of coupons and will save you the most money. Check their websites first because the coupons that you can print out there will be better than any other coupons you will find.

COUPONS WEBSITES - Check coupon websites for grocery store manufacturer items before heading to the store. When manufacturers put out a coupon it is normally because they are trying to boost sales. Normally their coupons are better than coupons that you can get from other sources. Coupon websites will have many different manufacturer coupons all in one location, making it very convenient to collect and print out all of the coupons that you need for your next shopping trip. Never buy products just because they are on sale or you have a coupon. Only use coupons for things that you know you want and will use. Knowing how to get free manufacturer coupons online will help you to keep your budget.

INSIDE THE PACKAGE - Check for manufacturer coupons inside of other packages. Many times you will be able to find a coupon for something that you actually use inside the packaging of another product made by that manufacturer. For example, you may find a coupon for pepperoni inside of the salami package. Sometimes you may not even know the products are made by the same company, so check all coupons. Do not leave your extra cash at home, take the time to print out coupons from the convenience of your own home computer.

If you need more information about coupons, please look in the Resources section below. Knowing how to get free manufacturer coupons online will put cash in your pocket.

How to Find Free Food Coupons Online

You can save hundreds of dollars using coupons.

Knowing how to find free food coupons will help you to save thousands of dollars on your grocery bill each year.

Print them out or clip them each week to put extra cash in your pocket.

**Coupon Websites**

Look on a coupon website to find coupons for the products that you buy everyday.

Look below in the Resources section to save more money on coupons.

**Electronic Coupon Machines**

Use the new electronic coupon machine at the grocery store. Some stores now have a machine that you run your store card through when you first arrive.

Coupons print out for specific items and for a flat amount off of your order.

**Grocery Store Websites**

Check on the website for the grocery store nearest your home to find more coupons to save money on your food bill.

**Manufacturer Websites**

Check on the manufacturers website for the products that you purchase most often to find coupons for your favorite products.

Knowing how to find free food coupons can save your family a lot of money in this economy.

**On Packages**

Check on the package of certain foods such as bread to see if there are coupons attached.

**In Store Flier**

Check by the front door of the store to see if there is a coupon brochure with money saving coupons.

How to Get Free Coupons for Groceries Online

If you are tired of clipping coupons out of every newspaper you can find, you should put your scissors down and start printing coupons instead. There are several sources online that make it easy for you to print all of the coupons that are currently available at one time. You can also find coupons for free items directly from the manufacturer.

**Coupon Websites**

Visit a website that is dedicated to coupons. There are many available such as,,, and many others.

Normally all of them have a great selection of coupons that you can choose from. Pick all of the coupons you want and then press print to instantly printout all of your coupons on your home printer.

You will find a wide selection of coupons for a variety of groceries such as produce, meat, dairy, bread, diapers, dog food and anything else you buy at the grocery store.

**Grocery Store Websites**

Find additional discounts on the website for your local grocery store. all grocery stores such as Lucky's, Safeway, Save Mart, Albertson's, Raley's, Nob Hill, Bel Air, Winco, Sam's Club, Costco and Walmart have their own websites.

They normally offer generous discounts on individual items or a percentage off of your entire order.

If you forgot to drop by their website before going to the store, you can always pick up the flier at the front of the store for additional deals and discounts to save on your grocery bill.

**Product Manufacturer Websites**

Visit the websites for products that you buy often. The manufacturers may offer discounts and deals on products that you love or new products that they want you to try.

You may even be able to find a coupon for a completely free item from a manufacturer that you known and trust.

Save money and put extra cash in your pocket by gathering up as many coupons as possible before you go to the store.

Don't let the coupons decide what you will purchase. Buy the food that you know is good and healthy. You can even find coupons for health foods inside health food magazines and in the front of health food stores.