Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Use Coupons While Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping doesn't have to break your budget every week. Coupons are a little known secret that can literally cut your grocery bill in half or even less. You'll be able to go grocery shopping with confidence and still have a few dollars left over.

Find all the sales papers for the local stores you frequent. Circle the items that are on your list and the items that can be used later that are on sale. Sort and group these items on your grocery list according to matches. For instance, put all of the fruits and vegetables together, canned goods together, etc.

Cut out and match up any coupons that go with the sales. Pay special attention to the coupons for the items that are doubled by the grocery store.

Put the coupons in an organizer to make it easier to handle as you shop. Keep them sorted according to relevance and value.

Shop for all items that are double-coupon or special prices first. Since these tend to run out quicker, make this your first stop as you begin shopping.

Match the prices to the sales circular and to your coupon as you shop. Pay close attention to what amount each item should be. Note the amount next to your item on your grocery checklist.

Check the prices along with the cashier as your order is being tallied. Verify that each item's amount the amount you have on your list. If there are any discrepancies, bring it to the cashier's attention immediately to avoid any problems at the end of your order.

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