Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Great Ways to Earn Money Today Blogging

Everyone wonders whether or not they can really make any money blogging online and the answer is yes! You will not be able to do it with just one blog and one story but over time you will be able to make extra money blogging online.

You can get started right now by signing up for Bukisa, it is a site where you write stories or articles and post them on Bukisa. You will make residual ad revenues. Next ask your friends to join under you on Bukisa. You will make a portion of everything that each one of them makes. And so on a so forth. It is an excellent passive income stream. Click here to join:

Another great stream of income is a blog, there is a website called Today that pays you $1.00 everyday that you post a unique blog of at least 100 words. That is nothing, you can do it in five minutes. You also receive residuals on your pages views. You will make $365 at least per year and eventually more. To sign up click here:

You can also sign up for a blog here at, join google adsense and start making money.

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