Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Makes A Good Blog

What makes a good blog and how can I blog for money?

That is the million dollar question. Bloggers worldwide are looking to get and keep an audience.
In researching some popular blogs, I have found, convention fans, and Whybenormal. With the later being the blog of a newbie or noobie as he likes to write it. Crazy and bizzare photos, humorous commentary and unusual takes on top news stories are the way of whybenormal. Dooce seems to focus on family and the craziness of their pursuits. Convention fans focus' on the niche topic of star trek and other convention fans.
Three completely different blog types all very successful in their endeavors. Of course, no one knows what they are making from google adsense and other advertisers, but the noobie, whybenormal has almost double the viewers as convention fans, yet whybe has only 8 backlinks while convention fans has hundreds of backlinks.

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