Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Do I Send More Traffic To My Blog: The Answer is Keywords

I know you have probably heard this a thousand times, but the way to send more traffic to your blog is keywords. I thought that I understood keyword optimization a few months ago, but apparently I did not, because as soon as I finally figured it out and started using keywords effectively my traffic picked up tremendously.

The first thing that you need to understand about keywords is that some have a much higher usage than others. For example, two of the most highly used keywords online are hotels and music. However, these words also have been well saturated so you may not want to jump in an use them exclusively it is better to find a keyword niche.

A keyword niche can be a keyword or phrase made up a popular keyword but not the most popular, and it has not been saturated. This is difficult to find, but you can do it if you use tools such as google adwords or free software from

Google adwords is absolutely awesome for looking up keywords and keyword phrases. They also have an option to see how much the click throughs are paying. The most important option is the one that shows you how much competition you have with that keyword. There is a rectangular box that is partially filled. That box next to the keyword shows the saturation of that keyword. If the box is completely full, like it is for music and hotels, you may not want to use that keyword. Key researching until you find a good keyword that is not completely saturated.

It does take some time, but when you finally find some keyword niches that work for you, you will be very happy. Now I know, how do I send more traffic to my blog?, keyword niches.

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