Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Share Your Ehow Articles

How to Share Your Ehow Articles

If you are interested in publishing, sharing and promoting your articles on other sites the process can be daunting. Here is a list of the most beneficial sites. Don't waste your time with the rest.

ASK - You can quickly submit your article and keywords, comma separated which is annoying.

BLINKLIST - Quick and easy just the way I like it. Space separated keywords which makes things simple. Sometimes it takes a long time to submit.

DELICIOUS - This is my favorite and the easiest to submit to. Space separated keywords.

DIGG - I have had trouble with technical difficulties on their site, but normally it is a very easy process to submit articles.

DIIGO - Another 5 star site. Very easy to use.

FAVES (bluedot) - Always fast and easy to use.

MAGNOLIA - Easy to use and you can rate your own article. Comma separated keywords are annoying.

MIXX - They make the process more complicated than any other side and they are very sensitive to how many articles you submit.

PROPELLER - Easy to use, but it is a two step process, just be aware that you have not finished after you hit submit. Also, sometimes they do not get the accurate description for your article, so you should check it each time.

REDDIT - They are very sensitive to your timing, if you are too quick they restrict you. Also, you need to put in the code to show you are human.

STUMBLEUPON - Slightly more time consuming because they have too many categories.

YAHOO BUZZ - Easy to use, but sometimes it is difficult to read the code to prove you are human.

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