Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Add URLs to Google Adsense Reports

Add URLs to Google Adsense Reports
Have you been trying to track where your click throughs are coming from on your google adsense? Wait no longer. If you have multiple blogs you can view a report of all of your blogs by adding the url's.

Log into your google adsense account.

Click adsense set up.

Click channels.

Click url channels.

Click add new urls.

Add all of your google adsense blog addresses. You only need to add the main page of each blog, not the individual pages. You can add many at one time by just putting one url per line.

The next time you view your report, select channels to see where your traffic is going.

Good luck.


  1. I can't seem to get a report on my urls. I did what you said but I don't receive the results. I can't find a list on google adsense of where I've connected it. Any suggestions?

  2. Dorothy, go over each step again, you have to manually add each url, if you have not done that then they won't be listed. If you did add your urls, but you just cannot see them on the report, click on "top channels" and they will appear.