Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Find Current Keyword Searches

How to Find Current Keyword Searches

Keyword searches are very important to internet business, some sites try to charge you an arm and a leg for this information that you can find free.

DOGPILE - love this keyword search site because it is so up to the minute accurate. Filtered or unfiltered searches available.

ASK - gives you various categories of top searches, usually a week or two after they were searched.

GOOGLE TRENDS - you can find the top 10 or top 100 searches that google deems as trends. I sometimes find them too trendy. Compare multiple trends.

YAHOO - yahoo keyword searches updated hourly. Very convenient and easy to use.

LYCOS - fifty searches, very reliable popular searches shown for each week.

GOOGLE ZEITGEIST -'s answer to the spirit of the times. Fun to play with. You can see hot trends or dig deeper to see trends in geographic locations, etc.

Current keyword searches is something that you want to spend time researching and toggling around and then you can make changes if you need to.

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