Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Find Free Food and Grocery Coupons Online

Taking the time to find sites that offer free grocery store coupons is well worth the effort. Once you have found legitimate web sites that have coupons that you want, you can go back to them again and again. Every time you use a coupon at the grocery store, it is like putting cash right into your pocket. When I look at a coupon, I visualize a dollar bill. To me it is the same as cash. Use them or lose. Many coupons expire, so watch out for expiration dates.

SEARCH ONLINE - I have put links to some grocery coupon web sites in the resources below, but this area is changing a lot, so I recommend that you occasionally type "free grocery store coupons" in your search engine to see if any new sites have become available.

TV ADS - Keep your ears open for television ads that are directing you to a web site to print a coupon. Many TV ads will show a picture of a coupon or just say to visit their website.

NEVER PAY FOR COUPONS - Coupons should always be free or they are not really a coupon. Watch out for scams, there are scams in every area of the internet so be careful. There are people that sell clipped coupons on ebay and this is legitimate if you want to pay someone else to do the work for you. I don't really think it is worth it.

KEEP THEM ORGANIZED - To save money at the grocery store, you need to have the coupons with you and organized so that you can find the ones that you need quickly. There are many organizers for coupons, they look like small recipe files. Print out as many as you are allowed to print out and that you think you will use. Make sure you note the expiration date. I usually file them in my organizer by expiration date (in each section) so that I use them efficiently.

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