Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Get Cheap Internet

Have you been wondering how to get cheap internet service? Everyone is trying to tighten their belts these days and who wants to pay more for internet service than they need to. If you cannot afford internet service, you can actually get free internet service at your home for a limited number of hours per week.

FREE INTERNET - Try free internet if you really cannot afford to pay for internet service or if you are just plain tired of paying for it. There are companies that offer free dial up service that you can use at home. You do need to connect to the internet to set the service up, but you can do so at the library or a friends house. They will either mail you the software that you need or you can download it. It is dial up service, so it is the slowest service available. If you are in an area with poor phone lines, it may be difficult for you to use this free service. There is usually a limit on the number of hours that you can use this free internet service per month. It is about 10-20 hours per month. Free is free, it is worth a try.

LOW COST INTERNET - If you need more than 10-20 hours per month, but you still do not want to pay very much for internet service, you can go for the cheapest internet service which is dial up. You can get dial up for as little as $4.99 per month which is more than it is worth. Dial up is very slow.

If you need something higher quality than dial up, you can try contacting your cable television or telephone provider to see if they offer a low cost internet service option. You may be able to add on a higher grade internet service for a low price.

REMOTE ACCESS - Use satellite or mobile internet service if you live in a rural area or if you travel while using your internet connection. Mobile phone internet access tends to be cheaper and more affordable than satellite and it is portable. There is almost no place in the world that you cannot get internet access.

For more information on cheap internet service, look in the Resources section below. You can get cheap internet or even free internet if you want.

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