Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Get Canadian Printable Coupons

Knowing how to get Canadian printable coupons will help you to save hundreds of dollars each year. What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra in your pocket? It is definitely worth it to take the time to research coupons and print them out before your trip to the store.

CANADIAN MANUFACTURERS - Check with Canadian manufacturers to find printable coupons. You can also check with manufacturers in other countries, but if you do, you need to verify that the coupon can still be used in Canada. Most coupons for products in the United States of America can also be used in Canada, but to be safe you should still check. Many times you will be able to print your coupons directly off of the manufacturers website. Try contacting the manufacturers of all of your favorite products or if you have enough time, check with the manufacturers of everything on your grocery store list.

COUPON WEBSITES - Visit coupon websites that specialize in Canadian products. It will not do you any good to print out a lot of coupons that cannot be used in Canada, so once again, you need to check the fine print on the coupons to make sure that you can use it in Canada. Most of the time the United States printable coupons are equivalent to Canadian printable coupons.

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - Look for promotional offers that give a coupon if you try another product. There are many places that will give you a coupon for a free or discounted product if you make a purchase of a specific product. Read all of the rules and instructions completely because you do not want to make a mistake and not get your free promotional item. Read carefully and follow each step. You can print these coupons or discount certificates online.

NEWSPAPER COUPONS - Clip coupons from your local newspaper. Sunday is your best bet for your favorite products. Milk, meat and produce coupons can be found in your weekly newspaper.

FREE FLYERS - Review the free flyers that come in the mail and the ones located at the front of the supermarket. You can find additional coupons in these places. This is also the location where you may find double coupons.

I have never had a problem finding Canadian printable coupons just the same as finding printable coupons in the United States, luckily many coupons can be used in both countries.

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