Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Get Cheap Long Distance Phone Service

You can find cheap long distance phone service in a variety of sources. Home telephone service, cell phone service and over the internet providers offer free, and low cost internet service. Sometimes the cheapest phone service is the one you would least expect, such as cell phone service.

HOME PHONE SERVICE - Contact your regular home phone service provider so that you can compare prices. Find out if you there is a higher monthly service fee if you need long distance. Also find out what the rates are for the long distance locations that you place calls to. Many times you may find that the most expensive long distance phone service is from your home phone service provider.

If you add up the costs of the monthly fees plus the per telephone call fees you are looking at a high monthly bill regardless of the number of long distance calls that you make.

CELL PHONE SERVICE - Next research the long distance rates for your cell phone. Many times this is an excellent deal because their is just a low monthly rate and no additional charges per call for long distance calls. Make sure you find out all of the details to make sure that it is the best deal for the locations that you are phoning.

Also ask about roaming charges. Make sure that you can make long distance calls even if you are out of your normal service area. You do not want to go on vacation and come home to a large phone bill. Ask ahead of time and save yourself a lot of grief.

You can find cheap long distance phone service if you spend the time to look around.

INTERNET PHONE SERVICE - Check the rates with an internet phone service provider. There are some internet phone service providers that offer free long distance. You only pay a flat rate per year and it includes all local and long distance calls. There is no additional monthly fee or per call fee. Free is the cheapest cheap that I can find. Save yourself a lot of money by using an over the internet phone service provider. Ask them if the quality will be the same as a regular phone line.

You can get cheap or even free long distance phone service.

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