Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Survive This Economic Depression

Knowing how to survive this economic depression can keep your family afloat. It does not matter if the economists label it a recession or a depression or something else, this is a tough time for the pocketbook of most Americans. Tightening up your wallet and making smart decisions will get you through these tough times. For many Americans it feels like the Great Depression is repeating itself right now. Take your financial future into your own hands and protect the future of your family.

WATCH YOUR CART - Watch what you put in your cart when you are shopping. Do you really need it? Learn to recognize when you are purchasing things that are not necessary and wasting your money. Most likely you are purchasing items that you do not need and you will not even notice it when you do not purchase them. You can survive this economic depression if you watch your money closely. This economic crises will eventually pass, but you want to make sure that your family is taken care of right now.

ELIMINATE FAST FOOD - Avoid spending money on fast food. Fast food is bad for your pocketbook and your health. Every time you pass by fast food to eat at home or to go to the grocery store, put $5 dollars in your piggy bank. Not only will you protect your health and the health of your children, but you will save some money in the mean time.

What makes the difference between economic depression survival and catastrophe? The answer is knowing when to cut out unnecessary expenses.

CANCEL UNNECESSARY SUBSCRIPTIONS - Save money by canceling magazine subscriptions, television channels and other monthly expenditures that are not needed. You do not have to give up your favorites, but just the ones that you can do without. Also beware of adding any new unnecessary monthly expenses. Watch out for others that are trying to make money off of you.

ENJOY LIFE - Enjoy life naturally. Save money by enjoying nature. Go hiking, climb a tall mountain, go bird watching, walk by the shore, go shell collecting, draw insects and other activities in nature that are free. Spend time with your children. Read to them, draw with them, teach them about nature. Learn a new language together. It will stimulate your brain and make you a more valuable member of society.

Don't allow inflation to get you down. Enjoy life by spending less money and spending more time with the people that love you.

LEARN TO INVEST - Study investing strategies. There are many companies that will teach you investment strategies for free. Ask friends or relatives that are successful investors to help you get started. Start small and always be frugal. This is an excellent time to begin investing for those that know what they are doing. Take the time to learn so that you can invest wisely.

You can survive this economic depression if you cut out the excess that you won't miss anyway.

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