Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Get Free Food with Coupons at Walmart

Can you buy $24.90 of items for $0.76 using coupons? I did that very thing just last week. Okay, that's not exactly free but it's about as cheap as they come! And the best thing is these kinds of deals are not an anomaly. I regularly buy over $100 of groceries for less than $10. I get terrific deals with coupons and save scads and scads of money. Want to know how you can do it at Walmart?

Collect coupons. No way around it. Coupons are your ticket for free food. The best source for them is the newspaper coupon inserts. Collect these from friends and others in your community, from recycle bins and hotel lobbies. Use your computer to print them off the internet. Get them any way you can, the more the better. You want multiple copies of the same coupon. You can also email companies and request coupons. And you can buy them for pennies as well. Keep them all well-organized in a way that makes sense to you. And keep them until they expire. They can be left uncut until you need them. Be sure that you understand the terms used.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the internet coupon groups such as HotCouponWorld (my favorite), AFullCup and SlickDeals. Check into their Walmart forums every few days to see what good deals others have found. Also, since Walmart will match any advertised sale price in other local stores. keep your eye on sales at in the other forums for your local stores.

Good deals come in three varieties at Walmart. The first good deal comes in the form of a Walmart's "Everyday Low Price" variety. Walmart does actually have low prices on a great many things. Some high value coupons cover the entire purchase price of some regularly priced items at Walmart. Kraft Live Active Cereal, Johnson's Buddies bar soap, KY Jelly, Zone Nutrition Bars, Kotex Pantiliners, Frito-Lay chips single serve bags, Zantac Maximum Strength have all been free or less than $0.05ea with coupon in the last three months. These are the easiest kind of good deal to take advantage of because the price of the item is constant. All you have to do is make sure you can get into Walmart to redeem it before it expires (and hope they have it in stock).

Secondly, Walmart sometimes does "price rollbacks" - Walmart's term for a sale. At which stores these rollbacks occur and how long they last vary widely. So the price always bears checking before buying. Don't assume that just because you read that they're on sale in one store that they will be the same price at another.

Thirdly, Walmart matches the advertised sale prices of other local stores. If Dove Shampoo is advertised as $1.99 at your local drugstore, you can bring that ad into Walmart and get that same price for the shampoo provided it is exactly the same brand and size.

Once you have found a potential great deal, gather your coupons and zoom on over to Walmart. Coupons are considered a form of payment so simply hand them over when it is time to pay.

When there is a good deal, that's the time to stock up! Get enough for at least several months time. If your pantry won't hold it all, store it in a box under your bed or behind the couch or in the basement. Be creative!

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