Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Find Free Food Coupons Online

You can save hundreds of dollars using coupons.

Knowing how to find free food coupons will help you to save thousands of dollars on your grocery bill each year.

Print them out or clip them each week to put extra cash in your pocket.

**Coupon Websites**

Look on a coupon website to find coupons for the products that you buy everyday.

Look below in the Resources section to save more money on coupons.

**Electronic Coupon Machines**

Use the new electronic coupon machine at the grocery store. Some stores now have a machine that you run your store card through when you first arrive.

Coupons print out for specific items and for a flat amount off of your order.

**Grocery Store Websites**

Check on the website for the grocery store nearest your home to find more coupons to save money on your food bill.

**Manufacturer Websites**

Check on the manufacturers website for the products that you purchase most often to find coupons for your favorite products.

Knowing how to find free food coupons can save your family a lot of money in this economy.

**On Packages**

Check on the package of certain foods such as bread to see if there are coupons attached.

**In Store Flier**

Check by the front door of the store to see if there is a coupon brochure with money saving coupons.

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